SOCAR has developed a secure, flexible, regulatory compliant web-based, e-Clinical solution capable of capturing, accessing and streamlining clinical and operational metadata. Known as e-SOCDAT™, our system is the most functional, cost-effective, adaptable e-Clinical solution available in the marketplace today.

ALL e-SOCDAT™ functionalities are integrated within a single web-based platform and database. The unique architecture of e-SOCDAT™ enables patient data and operational metadata to be captured, managed and shared easily and efficiently between trial sites and all project stakeholders. This results in work flow being simplified and optimised for the multidisciplinary teams involved in clinical research; and at the same time, it yields improved data quality and faster time to database lock.

We can deploy e-SOCDAT™ as part of a validated system that complies with ICH GCP predicate rule requirements, laws, and regulations for clinical trial conduct, FDA CSUICI Guidance and General Principles for computerised systems validation and FDA 21 CFR 11 for electronic record and signature use.

Let us show you how e-SOCDAT™ can work for you.

SOCAR's e-Clinical solution

e-SOCDAT: THE e-Clinical solution
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