Endpoint Adjudication

SOCAR's electronic endpoint adjudication solution (for either paper CRFs or e-CRFs) enables an efficient collection of data required for endpoint adjudication and facilitates the blinded adjudication by the Clinical Endpoint Committee (CEC).

Requests for additional information concerning potential endpoints are generated for the investigators. The first step of the endpoint adjudication process is done independently and remotely by randomly selected CEC members using electronic patient case reports. Face-to-face meetings of the CEC are only organised for potential endpoints for which there was not a unanimous classification during the remote classification.

This innovative functionality increases the speed and efficiency for the endpoint adjudication process while substantially reducing the costs related to the collection, dissemination of data and adjudication of study endpoints.

SOCAR's endpoint adjudication services include:

Preparation and writing of CEC procedure manual
Setup and implementation of the data collection process for the endpoint data
Preparation of patient reports for the CEC to be reviewed remotely and during face-to-face meetings
Organisation and assistance to the CEC during face-to-face meetings
Complete tracking of endpoint adjudication status for each potential endpoint

Endpoint Adjudication
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